Great Teachers make Great Students

It is a well documented & researched fact that Great Teachers make great learning possible. Performance of a class can improve manifold if they are taught by Great or High Quality Teachers. However, High Quality Teachers are difficult to find and are available in few numbers. Schools find it difficult to identify, hire and retain such teachers. Most of them might come at a very high salaries making them out of reach of most schools in India. Enter Real Learning Centre. ‚Äč Real Learning Centre leverages the internet to bridge this gap and make High Quality Teaching accessible to all. By Subscribing to Real Learning Centre's Online Teaching Service, school's can now get high quality teachers for their school at an affordable cost.

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Know How "Real Learning Centre (RLC)" works and Why it is a great solution for schools...even better than a physical teacher in many ways!

"Good Teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things"

Current Subjects


We Teach Science - Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Classes 8/9/10 for both CBSE and STATE Board Schools

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We Teach Maths for Classes 8/9/10 for both CBSE and STATE Board Schools

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Advanced Science

Short Term Modular courses in Science are available for Gifted students who would like to dwell deep into the subject for higher learning

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Meet Our Teachers

Experienced Professionals with expertise in using Internet as a Teaching & Mentoring Platform

Guruprasad Athani

Physics & Maths Teacher

Vanishree Rupanagudi

Chemistry & Biology Teacher

Vivek Vatsal

Maths & Chemistry Teacher

Vinutha S N

Academic Coordinator

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